Saturday, July 12, 2008

One More Gehry

While I'm sharing Gehry stuff, here's one more item. This is a large pedestrian bridge that leads to the bandshell in the previous post from the other section of the park. It crosses a big highway (not US 41!) that you can see near the bottom of this post. This is called the BP Pedestrian Bridge and it, too, was designed by Frank Gehry.

This bridge is extremely windy. No, not windy. Wind-y. Windey. It winds a lot. I don't know how to write that... You wouldn't want to have to use it for any sort of emergency evacuation.

There are something like 9800 stainless steel plates on the outside of this bridge. Wish I'd gotten that contract at work. I wonder who I should write to to get in on the bid process for when it comes time to recover the thing?

I was looking at the pictures I originally wanted to share, and I decided that they didn't really show you the whole bridge. So I went back and found some shots I took from the observation deck of the Sears Tower. Now these two pictures show you the bridge in all of it's serpentine glory. You also get a good view of the Pritzker Pavilion, although it's blocked somewhat by that building in both shots. I couldn't decide which of these two shots I liked better. They are almost identical, but one is a very small fraction of a larger picture, and the other is from a tighter shot I got a few minutes later, with only a little bit of cropping. They both have their merits, so I threw them both up here for your edu-tainment.


Anonymous said...

which is which?

Ernie said...

Top one is the bigger crop.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! As a resident of the Millennium Park neighborhood, may I make one minor correction? The Gehry bridge does not cross US 41; the street it crosses is Columbus Drive. US 41 is Lake Shore Drive, the curving road seen at the top of that same photo.

Ernie said...

Whoops! I guess I thought I was closer to the water than I really was. If it wasn't near the hotel on Michigan Avenue, I didn't know where it was. :) Thanks for the correction.