Sunday, July 06, 2008

Live At The Cleveland Zoo-Tree Kangaroo

Here's one of the animals that I had never seen or heard of before I visited the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo last month. This is a Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroo. This girl was quite active while I was watching her, unlike the koala bear who was in the habitat on the other side of the glass. She was walking around from tree to tree, keeping a close eye on everything going on around her. If I remember correctly, the keeper said her name was Scarlet because of her deep red coat. This was probably the animal I would have been most tempted to take home, but I don't have any trees here in the condo for her to live in. Shame, that.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ernie. Just would like to point out that they are not koala Bears. They are Koalas. The are not a bear nor even related to bears. They are Marsupials which bears are certainly not.

I understand your admiration for them though since they look so cuddly and can be. They can be vicious some times and very badly scratch you up. You will note how carefully their handlers deal with them and it is not because they are so fragile.

I love your site and it was a pleasure to visit.

Cheers. John Bujack (73 yrs. young)(Australia)

Ernie said...

Thanks for the note, John. I didn't know I had any fans in Australia. I have to point out to you that in my actual koala post, I do point out that they are not bears. I did still call them koala bears, so maybe that's what promopted your comment. I do try to get some of the stuff I post to be correct. Not all, but some... :)

Michelle said...

Scarlett is actually a Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroo.

Ernie said...

Yes, you are correct. I got the name wrong. That's what I get for laying off the fact-checking department. Thanks for the correction.