Thursday, July 10, 2008

Still More Christmas In July

Just in case you've got more cravings for Christmas in July that what my shares can satisfy, be sure you pay a visit over to my buddy Inkydog's blog, Cheerful Earful. He's actually sharing out full albums over there, and track by track, I think he's shared more music out this season than I have. And that's saying something! He also shares out plenty of vinyl goodies at the normal holiday season, so be sure to add him to your bookmarks. I'm gonna give him a little linky-link on my sidebar here to the right, so you know that means he's got some good goodies for you.

(And here's a little hint for you. If you have need of getting your LP covers restored, he's your man. Trust me, he does fantastic work! Hire him if you can. I think he'll perform karaoke at your bar or bat mitzvah, too, but I'm not certain...)

1 comment:

Inkydog said...

Thanks for the kind words, Ernie. I really appreciate it. Your blog is the model that I poorly attempt to imitate. Cheers!