Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Live At The Cleveland Zoo-Snow Leopard

This is the animal I should have shared with you on Monday, but I was under the weather, so you get it today. This is the elusive snow leopard. I've tried to shoot these awesome cats at Big Cat Rescue up in Tampa, but they are always staying inside their air-conditioned cave. I finally got to take some decent pictures at the Cleveland MetroParks Zoo. They are larger than I expected, bigger than the cheetahs or leopards I'd seen. Not as large as tigers or lions, though. Maybe some of that size is just fur, since they do live in some of the coldest places on Earth.


Carole Baskin said...

Except for dinner time, I hardly see the Snow Leopards myself. They much prefer the cold and unlike most zoos, we don't lock them out where they have to be seen. Thanks for the mention on your blog.

For the cats,

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to more than 100 big cats
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Ernie said...

Thanks for dropping by the blog. I love Big Cat Rescue. I've posted dozens of great pictures I shot there here at the blog over the past few years.

I don't think I've been up there in a few months. Maybe this weekend...