Saturday, July 12, 2008

Live At The Cleveland Zoo-Red Kangaroo

Hop to it! Today's animal from my recent trip to the Cleveland MetroParks Zoo is the red kangaroo. These marsupials look like nothing else in the world, but certainly not like mice, as they used to claim in those Warner Brothers cartoons. They are quite cute in their own way, though. You can see why these guys are called red kangaroos, their coats are a nice shade of red. They've also got grey ones, but I don't know if I have any good pictures of those. We'll see.

Just in case you've ever wondered, this is the pouch on one of the kangaroos you see above. I'm not sure if this is the sort of place where I'd like to be raised. Again, cartoons have let us down. I think there was a joey in there when I took the picture, but I never saw him poke his head out.

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