Monday, November 30, 2020

The Return Of The Skiers

I hadn't planned on throwing up any old shares this year, but this LP crossed my Facebook feed, and I remembered sharing it at some point in 2008. It's been somewhat scarce since then, possibly because it's not really a Christmas album, and because one of the tracks skips, I hate sharing something like that. I need to revisit this one at some point and see if I can fix that. I don't think I've ever seen another copy, but I have learned a few tricks to get a skip to play through, so maybe...  Reading the liner notes, I see that The Yodeling Guides are credited as Fred Barrie And Tony Hartenstein. I don't think I noticed that the first time around. And I certainly didn't notice the Pete King credit for arranging. I'm betting he did more than arrange this though, I suspect this was a studio assemblage that he put together for this one LP only. But I can't prove that, or course. This is an old rip so the bitrate isn't that good, and like I said, it skips in one song, so don't put that track in your playlist if you can help it.  Back from oblivion, this is The Blazers & The Yodelin' Guides-Track! Songs Of The Skiers (Kapp 1218, Mono, 1960).

1. Ski Trails
2. Winter Song
3. There's A Tavern In The Town-Vive La Compagnie
4. S.B.B. (The Swiss Railroad Song)
5. She'll Be Skiing Down The Mountain-The Man On The New Pair Of Skiis-Wham! Went The Skier
6. The Happy Wanderer
7. Hop-Sah-Sah
8. Ski, Ski, Ski
9. We're The Gang-Give A Cheer
10. The Weggis Song (This track skips, sorry...)
11. Beer Barrel Polka
12. It Happened In Sun Valley


gimpiero said...

Very nice!
Please Ernie post more album and less single tracks ...

Ernie said...

There are probably a thousand old albums in the archives. If that's what you want, go download them. This year I'm sharing collections of single tracks, usually with a theme. You can retag them as an album if you like. It's great stuff! So many of these old recordings have never appeared anywhere else, and I'm excited to share them.

gimpiero said...

(... not too much thousand because before 2018 are all expired ...)

Ernie said...

Perhaps you haven't looked in the comments...

Buster said...

Perfectly appropriate. According to the weather report, we may need skis to get around here in the next few days.

Unknown said...

Fun stuff, you do what you do Ernie - haven't steered me wrong yet (well....almost never) and this is a great album - thanks for the re-share