Saturday, December 05, 2020

Checking In

Before the next share drops, I just wanted to check in and see if you had a favorite track yet? I know it's still early in the season, but it seems like the days are flying by and Christmas will be here before you know it. I've got a lot of stuff left in the pile to fill the month in, and maybe the entire twelve days of Christmas. Just keep coming around for more goodies, and let me know what songs you like.

Thanks for stopping by!


Monkey D. Sound said...

Hi ernie, thanks for all you shares with us. I don't think you've posted some yet this year so this might be besides the point but i've always been a fan of Carol of the Bells and little drummer boy, kept so many versions from your blog already. If you somehow found more of those two from the internet archives yet to reach my ears i'd be delighted.
Have yourself and merry christmas and stay healthy

Anonymous said...

So far these are my two favorite songs, both very rare:
Sonny Thompson & Orchestra - Sonny Claus Blues
Chet Baker Quartet - Winter Wonderland

As always, Ernie, thanks for your incredible work, attention to detail and, mostly, love of Christmas music that those of us who visit your blog every Christmas season (and July) share with you.


Anonymous said...

This year I`m afraid to say is just below average. The years before, especially last year, was absolutely amazing. Please go back to where you left 2019. Thank you.

Geordie said...

So far my favourite track is "The Merry Sleigh Bells" by the Columbia Orchestra, from the "Really Old Stuff" share. Thanks, and keep up the good work! I'm really enjoying all these 78s.

Ernie said...

Thanks for the comments, folks! Sorry some of you aren't happy with what I'm sharing, but I think it's great stuff! I love the diversity of the stuff I'm sharing from 78s. After years and years of sharing the same tracks from albums, it's a breath of fresh air to hear new and different stuff to what I've been sharing for so long!

And Monkey-I think Little Drummer Boy became a song after the end of 78's, or at least the Simeone version. And I don't think I've seen Carol of the Bells, though I'll check. I love it, but wish I could remember all the words to sing along. :)

Mac said...

Well, I for one am very happy with what you are sharing - my goodness, the work you put into cleaning these up, carefully and with great attention to detail on the track names, years, etc - all well done and appreciated for sure. As to favorites so far:

Dick Robertson, That's What I Want For Christmas
George Cates look out the window
Teenage Jimmy Boyd was fun for sure - dang that guy played it up his entire career eh?
Arthur Godfrey Marshmallow world
Track! Songs Of The Skiers - almost the entire album - who knew?
The Honey Dreamers - That silly little bell
Sauter finagin - wow, that's a good one
and from yesterday Lanny Ross (never heard of him but that one is nice and well delivered

Keep em coming please kind sir

aquaboy said...

Hi Ernie,

I've been following you for about 14 years I guess and I've gotten countless great songs from you. Even though I feel like I check frequently, it seems I somehow miss some of your posts. I just discovered the "From The Nation's Capitol The United States Air Force Presents Christmas" with the four Nancy Wilson songs I had never heard before. I was so happy to find that. Of the things you've posted this year, I'm really taken with Blue December by Lou Dinning. Her voice reminds me a little of Patsy Cline—a great discovery!

Richard said...

Love the posts! Again, such a highlight to the season! Would love a collection of Christmas Polka songs. Trying to find some good ones with lyrics and that classic Bavarian sound.

Ernie said...

Richard- Stay tuned... ;)

Richard said...

OMGosh! So excited!

LuvDa80s said...

Yes, nice to hear some songs that aren't played to death by commercial radio (Doesn't Paul McCartney get enough royalties from "Wonderful Christmastime"?).

A couple I downloaded from the 78 Project last year were "I've Got The Christmas Spirit" and "I'm Spending Christmas With The Old Folks" (in-laws got a chuckle out of THAT one!). Good to see they made your list this year. I especially liked your "de-clicked" versions better!

Keep up the great work!!

LuvDa80s said...

@Richard & @Ernie -
Margaret Whiting's "Mistletoe Kiss Polka"???????

petlod said...

So far my favorites this season are:

George Cates - (Look Out the Window) The Winter Song
Frank Petty Trio - Jingle Bells Mambo
Bonnemere - White Christmas
Franklyn MacCormack - I Like Christmas
Lou Dinning - Blue December (I agree with 'aquaboy' that she sounds like Patsy Cline)
Jimmy Wilber/The Three Jills - Jingle Bells
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Silent Night (love this one!)
The Sportsmen - The Sleigh

I've already been a fan of the Lloyd Glenn "Sleigh Ride" and Don Cornell "Christmas Spirit" recordings for years now.

I also found the chorus about 'hang up a pair of my brother's pants' from Janet Lane both surprisingly odd and amusing.

Thanks again for all of your work and posts, Ernie! The holiday is made much more enjoyable because of you, especially given the current state of affairs...

Ernie said...

Pete-I love the Boyfriend song, and I actually found two versions out there. This one caused me some confusion because I couldn't make out the word 'Brothers' at first. I thought she was saying rubber pants and I couldn't figure out why. The other version leaves the word out completely, so it was no help. I guess this was from the era before Katherine Hepburn made it OK for women to wear pants. :)

Thanks to all of you for commenting! I'm glad you've found so much to enjoy in these shares. The Archive is a great place to find these lost things from generations past.

mostergren said...

Russian Christmas Music (Stokowski) was a nice one, but I'm playing catch up.

Moahaha said...

When noticing the "Sleigh-Bell Serenade"-title among your sweet sleigh ride-selection I was half-expecting a lesser version of the Bing Crosby-tune (by Webster/Burke) song I'm already familiar with. How pleasantly surprised I was discovering this much older and better song. Wonderfully written/composed and sung by Lanny Ross himself - in 1941. Already feels like a classic I've known my whole life. Strange how it seemingly must have slipped under everyone's radar. Doesn't seem like Lanny ever recorded again.

-Among the other ones that were new discoveries to me I loved
Mickey Carter And The Riff-Tones - Underneath The Mistletoe (shared after this post). Great tune, great singing voice. Also:

The Sportsmen - The Sleigh
W.G.A.R. Range Riders - Winter Fell On The Range
June Winters - Christmas In My Heart
Bonnemere And His Piano - White Christmas
Slam Stewart - Jingle Bells
Jimmy Collett - I Don't Want To Be Alone For Christmas

...there's more but I gotta stop sometime. Thank you!

Moahaha said...

...and Ernie never mind that one sour comment from some Anonymous person. I'm having a hard time understanding what motivates someone to post something like that. Both because we get a new post filled with your carefully selected treasures at least once a day and that you do all this work for free. I for one can't remember ever having discovered more unique and unheard seasonal-gems from my favorite era of recording.

Richard said...

I'd love to see a post on vintage department store muzak/backgrounds....I have the Kmart collection but am always looking for more.

Mike in South Florida said...

Hi Ernie!
Many thanks for all the great music this year as well as the years and years worth of tunes you've posted. Sorry about this delayed post. I sorta had to snag your post en masse, and I've been sifting through them. Here are some of my favorites:

Del Wood - Jingle Bells

Sonny Boy Williamson's Christmas Blues - What a gem!

Herb Geller Quartet - Sleigh Ride - this will be used in a future Christmas mix for sure!

Freddie Mitchell - Jingle Bell Boogie

Mary Carton - Did Santa Claus Come from Ireland (From Falalalala blog)

Arthur Smith - Guitar Jingle Bells

Anton Karas - Silent Night (Zither)

I still have a LOT to go through. Great work, as always.

Ernie said...

Thanks for all the comments! Love to see the lists of what you liked. :)

And 'Did Santa Claus Come From Ireland?' will be showing up here soon enough.