Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Cameo (Not Camo)

Nice little LP here featuring samples played by the arranger from the books they wanted you to buy.  I forget exactly where I found this, but the record sleeve was stuffed with not only the record but also two music books that went along with the two sides of the record.  It was quite the fat package.  I scanned the front of the two books for you as well, but no the back or the sleeve because it's blank.  This is simple solo piano medleys, not sure if it's any good.  I'm sure some of you might like it.  Please download and give a listen to John W. Schaum-Christmas Cameos/More Christmas Cameos (Spin 7245, Mono).  There's 10 medleys on here with 3-4 songs each, I'm too lazy to type them all in.  :(


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Anonymous said...

some of those books inside the LP on sale on Ebay with a year attached to them as 1959.