Friday, December 23, 2016

Stone Cold Christmas

Here's a new one for you, in a completely new genre for the mix, too.  I don't recall ever having shared out any bluegrass, but that's changing here and now.  I had hoped to share out some country records with you this year, but I seem to be getting close to the end and that hasn't happened.  So this one is going to be about as close as we get.  Don't let the bluegrass tag scare you off, this is good stuff.  Some good classic tracks, some exclusive stuff, all of it worth hearing.  I first heard about this record years ago when my compatriot The Captain shared it out at his long-lamented blog.  So I'm excited to have my own copy and to be able to bring it back for you.  This is The Stonemans-A Stoneman Christmas (MGM SE-4613, Stereo, 1968).

1. A Stoneman Christmas
2. Little Jesus Loves Me
3. Christmas Time's A-Comin'
4. (I Won't Be) Present This Year
5. Blue Christmas
6. Let's Put Christmas Back Into Christmas
7. A Welcome Stranger
8. Santa Played The Autoharp
9. Jingle Bells
10. Tell It Again
11. Christmas Without Dad



Buster said...

Wonderful! Nothing like bluegrass, and this is a good group.

Kwork said...

And, this is one I don't know, but I do enjoy some bluegrass on occasion, so will grab this eagerly. Thanks.

Laurie said...

You had me at "Christmas Without Dad".

Jonathan Melton said...

That there is a Hee Haw connection that I think you were inquiring about at the Fa. Veronica Loretta "Roni" Stoneman was a regular at least for a few seasons. Picture the character holding and using an iron in skits with Gordie Tapp.

Ernie said...

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