Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Get Off My Knee!

Here is what may be the best Christmas album I have shared all season!  Where else are you going to get half of Starsky & Hutch singing Christmas music for you?  Well, you might get it from Lee over at Music You Won't, because that's where I first learned of it's existence, but ten years later I finally have my own copy to share.  I found this is a small thrift store in a small out of the way town in the middle of nowhere in south Florida.  I guess it's so far out of the way that other record collectors don't bother with it, and I frequently find good stuff out there when I have a few hours to waste in driving out there.  Once you hear this record, you'll agree that it was worth the trip.  This is And A Sled...And A Catcher's Mitt...And A Puppy...And A Popgun...And A Big Christmas Album For Merv Griffin & TV Family (MGM SE-4401, Stereo, 1966).  Not sure how they came up with such an awkward title, but that's what it says.

1. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas-Merv Griffin
2. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus-Frankie Michaels
3. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town-Arthur Treacher
4. O Holy Night-Gilbert Price
5. A Child's Christmas In Wales-Merv Griffin
6. Silent Night; O Come All Ye Faithful; Joy To The World-St. Michael's Home Choir
7. Silver Bells-Pat Marand
8. Sleep My Child (Mary's Vision Of Love)-Merv Griffin
9. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer-Arthur Treacher
10. Children Go Where I Send Thee-David Soul
11. The Little Drummer Boy-Frankie Michaels
12-Twelve Days Of Christmas; White Christmas-Cast



barba said...

it's not a real active site these days, but last week http://hif-fi-holiday.blogspot.com/ shared this one. whether there's a back story to this or whether it's a remarkable coincidence is something i don't know or need to know. just passing on info.

Ernie said...

Whoops. These things happen, I guess. :(

Jumbliah said...

Is this Christmas heaven, or what? I got on here today, and am blown away by your great offerings! And to think I was lamenting the end of sharity as we knew it...

Thanks, and a very Merry Christmas to you!

Buster said...

Good one - the whole thing arranged and conducted by Merv's bandleader, Mort Lindsay.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this album. GetTV runs the old Merv Griffin shows including the ones with Arthur Treacher. I've been watching them I can't wait to listen to this album.

Ernie said...

Treacher really hams it up on these Christmas songs. You can almost hear the sound of his aloofness. Or maybe it's his proper Britishness. :) Good stuff.

Mike said...

Cool! What record store in South Florida did you go to? That's where I live.
Thank you so much for all the great records. I have a lot still to go through, but I'm hoping that you have a post of 45's like you did a few years back.

Ernie said...

Twas a Goodwill in Arcadia, which isn't really South Florida, but to someone from elsewhere, it seems like it.

I love the 45s, but they're too hard to rip and share in big batches. I think that one years ago was stuff I'd ripped over a period of months, and I never did scan in the labels. So much to do, so little time...

Kwork said...

Excellent! Thank you very much.

Ryan said...

What are the odds! Awesome album that I hope more people get to hear. Thanks, Ernie!

Ryan (Hi-Fi Holidays)

Lennonka said...

Dear Ernie!

Can you reupload this album?

Thank you very much!

Ernie said...

New link for 2018!