Saturday, December 15, 2012

Electric Two

And now, the post you've all been waiting for. It's not Moog, but it's close. I found this record in the bathroom of Fantasyland Records in Atlanta this summer, and I've been excited about it ever since.  I think Joseph Byrd was the leader of The United States Of America, a hippie band from back in the time of the hippies.  Since then, he's done a lot of stuff, including this Christmas album, performed on the Arp Synthesizer.  Imagine a Christmas version of Walt Disney World's Electric Light Parade, that's what this reminds me of.  Trust me, if you like the electronic stuff, this is going to rock your world.  I'm going to shut up and let the music do the talking.  Please download Joseph Byrd-A Christmas Yet To Come (Takoma C-1046, Stereo, 1975).  Note:  There's some distortion in some of these tracks.  That's on the vinyl that way.  I don't know if the sounds he was creating couldn't be contained on mere vinyl, or it's a bad pressing or something else.  I hope it's not too distracting.

1. Deck The Halls
2. E La Don Don Verges Maria
3. Christmas In The Morning
4. Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming
5. Silent Night
6. Taublein Weiss
7. Hark The Herald Angels Sing
8. Carillon
9. Carol Of The Bells
10. The Holly And The Ivy
11. The First Nowell
12. Christmas
13. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
14. In Dulci Jubilo
15. Jingle Bells



Your Pal Doug said...

It does sound like the Electric Parade at Disneyland.
How Ironic that you found this at a store called Fantasyland Records, cause the I think The Electonic Parade goes through Fantasyland.

Buster said...

You post the darndest stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do Ernie. This one is different, but I've enjoyed it on vinyl for a few years now and was happy to see it on your site!

drizzz said...

Thank you! It was a big surprise to see this was on the Takoma label. That was guitarist John Fahey's label and mostly featured his recordings or other accoustic things. Two of my all time favorite Christmas records were on this label- The New Possibility and Christmas With John Fahey II.

Phillip said...

Many thanks, Ernie.

KL from NYC said...

I haven't listened to this, yet, but it looks interesting.
Thank you.

Marco said...

This is great. I discovered The United States of America in the last couple of years. I had no idea Joseph Byrd had put out a Christmas album, I quite like it.

Thanks so much

Mr Fab said...

Just found out to my chagrin that my dog, er, urinated on my copy. Noooo! Went scurrying off to the internets to see if some nice person has posted it and here I am. Thank you, nice person!

Dominic said...

I don't suppose you could possibly re-up this one could you please Ernie? It's Christmas time and, well, it'd be jolly nice to hang the holly and deck the halls with this to keep us company.
Many thanks in anticipation of your generosity, and a Merry Christmas to you Sir!

Ernie said...

It's on CD.

Dominic said...

Is it? I had no idea... I'm off to get it then. Thanks for the heads up.