Sunday, November 27, 2011


For those of you that make mix tapes (I doubt if anyone actually makes tapes anymore, really), or at least compilations, here are some public service announcements from your friends, The Seventh-Day Adventists.  For whatever reason, these remind me of Growing Pains, so I'm guessing they're from that same time frame, the early to mid-80's.  Some of these are really, umm, reaching.  Try 'em on for size and let me know what you think.  This is Seasonings-Thirty Second Seasonal PSA's Produced By The Seventh-Day Adventists (A Sunspot Production 7" 33 RPM SP-1046, Stereo).

1. Jamie's Letter
2. Santa & Bobby
3. Papa & Tony
4. Neighbors
5. Warm Hugs
6. Holiday Salute
7. Mistletoe
8. Runaway
9. Worried Helen
10. The Christmas Story
11. Grandma's Gift
12. The Bell Ringer


Technical Note:  I hate records with locked grooves!  Oh, there was a postcard in the sleeve that you were supposed to return after you played the messages, but whoever got this one never sent it back.  I scanned it and put it in the download folder for you.  I knew you'd want to see that, too.

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Stubby said...

Yes, locked grooves suck. Totally with you on that one.

I love these! We had something similar when I was at Cousin' Brucie's station. Difference was there was no "Seventh Day Adventist" tag and, ironically, because of that tag, these little stories would count toward your Public Service quota, but pretty much the same kind of stories without such a tag wouldn't.

I think ours was "Feels Like Christmas". They'd start off with a sing-songy "I remember", then the story which always ended with some variation of "It made me feel like Christmas". Then we'd bump it into the paid spots.