Saturday, November 26, 2011

Louisiana Christmas

OK, my last post of a handful of singles went over pretty well, so here are a few more for you, all with a cajun/Louisiana bent to them.  This is dedicated to Mom and Dad who just got back from spending Thanksgiving in the Louisiana bayou.  First up is Cajun Night Before Christmas by Dave Pettijean with background music by Ronnie Kole (Viko 45-200, Stereo).  Short, but sweet. (The flip side of this one was something about crawfish, not at all Christmassy.)
Second is a single from former journalist and LSU professor Jules A. d'Hemecourt, IV performing 12 Days Of Christmas and another take on Cajun Night Before Christmas (Te-Jules 12373, Mono).  I think this is my favorite of the Night Before Christmas versions.  I've got a Justin Wilson one somewhere, too, but I'm not going to share that one.  Sorry.

And since Ronnie Kole showed up on that first record up above, here's a Christmas single he released with his trio on Paula, Silent Night, Holy Night backed with Winter Wonderland (Paula 317, Mono, 1970).  Not sure when I've ever heard drum fills like this on a Christmas record.
Go get your Cajun on!


And for those of you who dig the music of Louisiana, I recommend you go spend a lot of time at The Singing Bones, a fellow blog that's dedicated to the great 45s with that music flavored by gumbo and alligator.  I don't know if she ever shares out any Christmas music, but the music there is all well worth hearing.


Swivelhead said...

You can get the Justin Wilson track here:

His other Christmas album is on iTunes, too.

Thanks so much for these, Ernie!

Anonymous said...

I spent some time in the Bayou Country after Hurricane Gustav and loved it, loved it,loved it!
Thanks for these shares!

ron said...

As Always Thanks !!

Chris in Cary said...

Great post, Ernie. I have the Tee Jules "Night Before Christmas" and love it, so looking forward to hearing the others.

Ernie said...

As you can see, my copy wasn't credited to Tee Jules, which I found odd. I don't know if mine's a later reissue or what...

JohnDent said...

This is great. Thanks for all you do here.