Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hip Christmas

I finally remembered to update my links over on the right side of the blog this morning, getting rid of some old sites that aren't around anymore and adding one that really deserves your attention.  Randy over at Hip Christmas (and before that the Christmas part of Randy's Rodeo) is a really great collection of info about Christmas songs.  While I tend to dwell on things that were released ages ago, he collects info on stuff that was released just yesterday, although he doesn't ignore the old stuff.  He's even got a few downloads hidden away if you look around.  So head on over to Hip Christmas when you get the chance, you won't regret it.  And tell him Ernie sent you.  And that he should send all his cool (err, I mean hip) music to me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Fi Holiday seems to be alive and well, and promised to post some music this year. Perhaps you should add them to your links.

Anonymous said...

hey ernie is there any chance you could re-up the download for ArthurGodfreys All I Want for Xmas is my two front teeth, would be much appreciated, the current link is dead

Thanks, Dave
dayve at rogers dot com