Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!  For the umpteenth year in a row, I'm celebrating the beginning of the Christmas music season by sharing a small handful of Thanksgiving songs that I've collected, including one new one this year.  Most of the things I'm sharing with you here are the same as last year, including my favorite Thanksgiving song of all, Thanksgiving Day Parade by the pseudonymous Spencer Ross.  You can read all about the reruns (and the story of who Spencer Ross really is) at my post from last year.  The new track is Thanksgiving by Charles Dorian And His Orchestra from the LP Calendar Sketches (Dot DLP-3046, Mono, 1957).  I found this one back during the Christmas in July celebration, but I've held onto it until now.  So here's the download link for the collection of six tracks.


Yes, just one download site this year.  Uploading to three sites took forever last year, and all of those shares were gone in a few months, except the ones on MediaFire.  So they're getting all my business this year.  Here's a list of the other tracks in the download, all the same as last year.

Thanksgiving Day Parade by Spencer Ross (Columbia 4-41532 7" 45 RPM single, Mono, 1960)
The Pete King Orchestra And Chorale-Bless This House from Songs To Celebrate (Kapp KS-3284, 1962, Stereo)
Timothy Turkey performed by Rosemarie Jun & Robert Spiro from the LP Children Sing Around The Year (Decca DL 4406, 1963, Mono) 
The Big Clown Balloons-The Merrill Stanton Voices from the LP Meredith Willson's Here's Love (Columbia Special Products CSRP 8899, 1963, Stereo)
Thanksgiving Day, from the LP Hits From The Gang Shows (Fontanta 680932TL TFL.5104, Mono) credited to Ken Jones


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Chris in Cary said...

Ernie, I'm thankful for all you do all year long to provide us with beautiful photographs and music. I was just listening to some Christmas in July from this year as I was driving home from work on Wednesday, and appreciated it so much.

GenXYgal said...

Timothy Turkey...something says that certain little kids who heard this back in the day, grew up to be the founders of PETA! :D