Friday, November 27, 2009

Success Story, Volume 1

I've shared out many, many Christmas records over the years, and only one thing has linked them all together. They have not been available on CD or as legal downloads. Well, as you might imagine, things change. What used to be obscure and forgotten somehow becomes remembered, and when that happens, things become available again. Such is the case with many of my old shares, and I feel that's a good thing. If you can pay a little money to listen to some great old music, and (hopefully) some of it goes to support the artist (or their family), I think you should. I like to think that by once featuring an album here, I somehow helped to bring it back to the attention of the world. Anyhow, the net effect of all that blathering is that this George Wright LP is now available legitimately, and I'm going to point you towards it.

If you'd like to own George Wright At The Wurlitzer Pipe Organ-Merry Christmas (HiFi SR706, Stereo), then head on over to Amazon and download it there. I'm not sure if they're selling a mono or stereo version, though. They show the mono cover but there's a good chance the download is stereo. For the record, the mono one is George Wright At The Wurlitzer Pipe Organ-Merry Christmas (HiFi R706, 1956, Mono). Now, go be a responsible citizen and buy what you can't download for free anymore. I always did love these covers...

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