Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stereo Suns

The time has come, my friends, to share with you what is perhaps the greatest instrumental Christmas album of all time. I brought it to you last year in a mono version, and this year I am happy to present you with this stereo copy. I didn't find this in a record store, or a junk store, or even at any of my other usual haunts. No, this one was a gift. I'm not going to tell you who sent it to me, but suffice it to say I thank him every day for it. I know this has been shared out all over the internets, but this is my copy and I'm extremely happy to share it with you. Please download The Three Suns-A Ding Dong Dandy Christmas! (RCA Victor LSP-2054, Stereo, 1959). I would normally share out all of my old Three Suns Christmas records along with this new addition today, but I'm busy. So search the blog for Three Suns, and all your Christmas wishes will be granted.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie --

I downloaded this on my regular old PC and a check with Audacity shows only -- one track ..

I did another download on my super-duper XP and checked .. and sure enough one track ..

and my right channel sounds a little "weak" ..

Maybe it's me -- anyone else have that problem?

And - did you put a dash-one (-1) after each of your titles?

They came across that way ..

regardless -- thanks for all your work.

Ernie said...

Hmmm, don't know. I downloaded it and it came in fine, opened up fine, played fine. Fourteen tracks, six pictures. Anybody else having any trouble with it?

Anonymous said...

Worked fine for me. And the balance sounds just about right, too. Glorious, in fact.

Anonymous said...

Well --

I did everything I could think of

I downloaded it thru FireFox

I downloaded it thru Internet Explorer

I opened it with WinRAR

I opened it with WinZip

I used my New Computer
I used my old computer.

Still one track and still has the -1 after the Track title.

Never had this problem before .. hmmm

well.. at least I have it, right?

Thanx Ernie ...

BTW - My parents had this when I was a kid.. and I distinctly remember that -

A) It took me a long time to get White Christmas

B) Jingle Bells encouraged me to take up guitar .... Fabulous guitar work on this album