Friday, December 26, 2008

Eartha Kitt, RIP

How sad to discover on the way home from Christmas last night that Eartha Kitt had passed away. She was an icon of music, and an even bigger icon of Christmas. I can't think of any other artist that had a larger presence at Christmas that recorded fewer Christmas songs. After her huge hit Santa Baby, I think she only had a couple of follow-up Christmas singles, and they're pretty hard to find. And her non-Christmas recordings are pretty good, too. I think this marks the third or fourth Christmas in a row we've lost someone who's made an important contribution to holiday music. Sad. Anyhow, you can find an alternate version of her Santa Baby at this earlier post. Eartha made this re-recording after she left RCA.


Sarah said...

Hi Ernie, I'm so sad about Eartha Kitt. She was my favorite female vocalist, even though a lot of her songs were fairly similar -- I like to joke that she had three songs: the slow one, the fast one, and the French one. Still, I love her music. Her voice was so evocative.


I had the fortune of seeing Eartha in NY in the Broadway Show, NINE back in 2003.

June 2005 I saw her perform live at the Carlyle Hotel and went up to meet her afterwards; she was charming and beautiful.

Then in 2006 while living in NY I had the chance to see her twice in an off-Broadway show, Mimi Le Duck.

It's a sad loss for those who have enjoyed her all these years. I will miss her sassy way, enchanting manner and style along with her entertaining talents.

mel said...
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Anonymous said...

Good bye Cat Woman ~