Friday, December 26, 2008

Big & Brassy

Never one to take the same picture as all the other tourists, I want to point out that I shot the wrong end of the famous bull in New York first. Of course, I walked around to the other end and got a normal shot, but I started elsewhere. This guy isn't on the actual Wall Street, as you might think, but just around the corner, on Broadway, I think it is.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, could this lead to a new expression? ``This market's cold enough to freeze the bits off a brass bull.''

Oop, p'r'aps not: the 'peeja says it's bronze.

Anonymous said...

creative shot, ernie!

lack of patina would seem to indicate that lots of folks have gotten up close and personal with the "wrong end" ... ;-)


Anonymous said...

Ernie, this photo sure made me laugh! Been on the road performing (making music) and got home for New Year's and was greeted by the Bull parts! You have a unusual sense of humor. We need more of it! I always enjoy your blog. I Cherish the rare Christmas music. Randy in Minnesota Happy New Year! Gott Nytt År-Swedish