Friday, December 26, 2008

Birds In New York?

Now that the big Christmas rush is over, I can go back to sharing some pictures with you. I'm thinking about going back and revisiting the photographs from some of the great places I visited this year. I didn't do a great job of showing you all of the great pictures I took this year, so I should be able to find plenty of pictures you haven't seen before. Like this cormorant. I know they are pretty common around here, but I didn't expect to find this one in New York Harbor, just off Staten Island. Look close and you'll see both The Statue Of Liberty and The Empire State Building in the background. Also, the location of the Twin Towers of The World Trade Center is on the right side of this picture. It was a bad day for pictures, but I had to get out and shoot anyway. I think I may have actually taken this on 9/11 of this year.

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