Monday, July 28, 2008

Christmas In July 2008-Day 27

Not long now! We're getting near the end of Christmas in July, and I'm again a day behind. I'm also running out of tracks to share, but I think I've got enough to make it, if I can just find time to get in here and record some music. But I've got today covered with six tracks you need to have, so here goes.

I'm starting out with three more versions of Snowfall. The first of these is by the great Earl Grant from his LP Fly Me To The Moon (Decca DL 74454, 1963). This is actually a stereo version of a track I shared in an earlier year of Christmas in July, so I guess technically it's a rerun. One version that's not a rerun is by Billy Maxted's Manhattan Jazz Band from their LP Satin Doll (Liberty LRP-3492). And probably the best, or at least most different, version I've brought you of this great track is the version by Ahmad Jamal, retitled Snow Fall, from the live album Ahmad Jamal's Alhambra (Cadet LPS 685, 1961). This one mixes it up a bit instead of following the same old Claude Thornhill arrangement. I think you'll like it.

Next up are two versions of The Jolly Coppersmith. Version one is from Karl Von Stevens And His Orchestra and the album In The Land Of Oom Pah Pah (Mercury MG 20241). With an album title like that, you probably know what to expect from this version. Number two is by The Nickelodeons At Paul Eakin's Gay Nineties Village and the album Nickel Music (Audio Fidelity AFSD 5960). This time, the group name tells you all you need to know.

The last track is something I found just today in a thrift store in Daytona Beach. It's Greenwillow Christmas (Carol) by The Melachrino Strings from their LP Music From Frank Loesser's Greenwillow (RCA Victor LPM-2229, 1960). I've got a vocal version of this somewhere that I don't think I've ever shared out, but it was the only version I'd ever heard, so it was nice to finally find another. Again, I think it's something you'll like.

That's it, six more tracks towards the complete collection. Here's the download link, now go get 'em. And you know all about 2006 and 2007, I don't have to tell you that you can still download the Christmas in July shares from those two earlier years.

Are there any songs you folks can think of that I'm not sharing here that I should be? Not a specific song really, but something that you think is a Christmas tune that I'm ignoring. I know Jolly Coppersmith is not really a Christmas tune, but I've seen it included on Christmas albums. I've been looking for other titles I can share that I'm not familiar with, and I'm throwing it open to the floor. Perhaps Moonlight in Vermont? Anyone? Anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, you really should do "Moonlight in Vermont", especially because it was sung by the recently departed Jo Stafford-on a holiday album. There are a ton of singers who do great renditions of that song, especially Frankie Sinatra.