Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Christmas In July 2008-Day 28

Here we go with Day 28! Three groups of two tracks each, plus a spare track for a total of seven more Christmas in July songs.

The first two tracks take us to Russia, or, at the time they were recorded, the Soviet Union. Song one is Christmas Carol by The Don Cossacks-Serge Jaroff, Conductor, from their eponymous album (Columbia Masterworks ML 5296). Number two is Snowflakes by The Red Army Ensemble from their eponymous album (Vox STPL 513.180). That's a whole lot of eponymous going on...

The second two tracks take us from Russia over to Japan, and electronic artist Tomita and his album Snowflakes Are Dancing-The Newest Sound Of Debussy (RCA Red Seal ARL1-0488, 1974). The two tracks are Snowflakes Are Dancing and Footprints In The Snow. And yes, that is a Moog you hear on these.

The third set of two tracks brings us back to the United States with The Chad Mitchell Trio. Song one is The Virgin Mary from the LP Reflecting (Mercury MG 20891). Song two is Cherry Tree Carol from the album Typical American Boys (Mercury MG 20992). I brought you two other tracks from the Mitchell Boys here and here earlier in the month.

The lonely single track is Teardrops Falling In The Snow by Molly O'Day And The Cumberland Mountain Folks. It's a tearjerker from their album The Unforgettable Molly O'Day And The Cumberland Mountain Folks (Columbia Harmony HL 7299). Not very Christmassy, but that mention of snow sneaks this one in under the wire.

There you go, seven more tracks, but I'm still one day behind. Here's the download link, and don't forget about 2006 and 2007. Goodnight!

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