Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Going, Going

I've been saying it's almost gone for several days now, as it gets smaller and smaller each morning, yet I continue to shoot the moon, so to speak. This was this morning right after 6 AM. It's almost too low in the sky for me to be able to see it over the buildings across the street. We'll see what happens about 8 hours from now when I check tomorrow morning. You can follow the progress from the last couple of weeks by going here next.


Anonymous said...

saw that same moon this am over me in my swing having morning coffee. thought of you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the moon shots, Ernie. The last two I would say fall in the category of "Cheshire Cat " moons.

They have a special meaning to me this year - as my husband, who died in February, had this thing for Alice in Wonderland and always commented on the cheshire cat moons - they bring me a smile.

I follow your blog and enjoy the music and pictures.