Monday, July 28, 2008

Christmas In July 2008-Day 26

As promised, I'm back to tell you what I shared out a couple of days ago for the 26th day of Christmas in July. I ran out of time that day, so I just threw up the post really quick with very little information about you'd find inside the download. That didn't stop quite a few of you from going ahead and downloading it, so I hope you enjoyed what you got. Now, for those of you who were waiting to see if there might be something of interest in there, here's the skinny:

Track one and two are Carmen Dragon Conducting The Capitol Symphony Orchestra in Arabian Dance and Chinese Dance from Nutcracker Suite. These come from the album I Like Tchaikovsky (Capitol SP 8617), which I thought was a Beach Boys LP when I first picked it up. There's a cute blond girl on the cover, and she's enjoying herself at the beach while wearing a t-shirt that says I Like Tchaikovsky. I guess they were trying to reach a younger crowd with this one. I had recorded the same two tracks earlier, only in mono, from the LP Orientale (Capitol P8453), but I figured you'd prefer the stereo versions.

Track three is Chinese And Russian Dances From "The Nutcracker" by Efrem Kurtz Conducting The Philharmonia Orchestra from the LP Melodies Of The Masters, Volume VII: Music Of The Imagination (Capitol A 8569), part of a set of various artists conducting classical music designed to enrich you and your children's lives.

Track four, Dance Of The Sugar Plums, by Fred Waring And The Pennsylvanians, from the album Hear! Hear! (Decca DL 9031), the Broadway soundtrack I shared from earlier. I shared out an EP-length version of The Nutcracker Suite from Fred and the Pennsylvanians here.

Track five is Valse des Fleurs from "Casse Noisette" (which is a fancy way of saying Waltz of the Flowers from Nutcracker Suite) by Mantovani And His Orchestra from the LP An Album Of Ballet Melodies (Decca (UK) LK 4161).

Track six is another version of Waltz Of The Flowers from the LP Conduct Your Own Orchestra (Golden Record GLP 47) credited to The American Society Pan-Harmonic Orchestra, Bell-Mall Band & Golden Chamber Players Under The Direction Of Mitch Miller. Took a lot of people to make that track, evidently.

Track seven, is yet another Waltz Of The Flowers, this time by Andre Kostelanetz And His Orchestra from their collection Kostelanetz In Wonderland-Golden Encores (Columbia CL 2078 "Produced by Betsy Cohen Record Club").

The fun continues with track eight and another version of Chinese Dance from the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of London, Conducted By Artur Rodzinski and the album Mysterious East (Westminster WST 16003). I loved the cover on this one. I'll have to scan it in and share it with you some day.

The last, and I think, best track from Saturday was Three Dances From "Nutcracker Suite" by none other than Walter Carlos (who doesn't love the Moog?) from the LP By Request (Columbia/CBS XM 32088). This one is good stuff.

So there you go. Now you know what's in the package. If you didn't already get it, here's the download link. If you did already get it, did you remember to go back and get the stuff from the same date in 2006 and 2007? I doubt it.

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