Tuesday, July 13, 2021

July The Thirteenth

Well, what can I say about that cover... It's certainly not my favorite I ever did. I think I had just recently finished scanning an album I wanted to share on the Word label, so I just took the record label and ran with it. Clearly, I didn't run far enough. I didn't even spend any time trying to match the font color to the original.  Sigh. They can's all be winners. And even better, I duplicated a Merle Haggard track on here from the 2009 best-of. Hopefully there's some good music on here to make it worth the download. There were four long years between 2012 when I shared out these tracks during Christmas in July and 2016 when I finally shared out the best-of. That may be a record. I can be lazy sometimes, what can I say? Here's a list of the tracks, no links I'm afraid, as I'm too lazy busy.

1. Dennis Hinman-Christmas In July
2. The McGuire Sisters-Be A Santa
3. Hap Miller-Sun Vally Twist
4. Nina-Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown?
5. Hal Blaine-Love-In (December)
6. Gaylord & Holiday-Italian Christmas Song
7. Elton Britt-The Skater's Yodel
8. Rosemary Clooney-Me And My Teddy Bear
9. Jerry Murad's Harmonicats-Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite
10. Monte Kelly-Snow-Snow
11. Shirley Temple-That's What I Want For Christmas
12. The Camarata Contemporary Chamber Orchestra-Traineau (The Sleigh Ride)
13. The Gentlemen's Agreement-The Twelve Days Of Christmas
14. Ogden Nash-A Word About Winter
15. The Chad Mitchell Trio-Super Skier
16. The Alley Singers...Phil Stern And Al Brennan-Jingle Bells
17. Jim Mandell-The Reason Everybody Likes Christmas
18. The Guitars, Inc.-Snowfall
19. Jane Morgan-Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
20. The Dukes Of Dixieland And Clara Ward-Children Go Where I Send Thee
21. Neal Hefti-White Christmas
22. John Davidson-Snowbound
23. Ichiro Masuda Qunitet-Frost Flowers
24. Hugo Winterhalter-Blue December
25. Joe Bushkin-Everyday Is Christmas
26. Merle Haggard-Blue Christmas
27. Leo Addeo-June In January
28. The American Breed-Powder
29. The Harry Simeone Chorale-The Toy Drum
30. Vincent Price-A Visit From St. Nicholas



Buster said...

The cover may have been bland, but the playlist is great!

Bryan said...

Hi Ernie, Just before I updated my computer from Windows 10 to Windows 11 Preview, you had not posted this Best Of. Once I got the NEW Windows 11 Preview, I found your new post. Great post and Windows 11 Preview is great, did I not say GREAT!!! I can hardly wait for more great things from you and from Windows 11. Always surprises in store. Bryan

Buster said...

Bryan - You are enthusiastic about a Windows update? Talk about a person with a sunny disposition! I anticipate them like a trip to the dentist and have refused several of them, most recently Vista and Windows 8.

Bryan said...

Hi Buster, Sometimes I love new things. I had Windows 7. I never had Windows 8. But I was so excited to get Windows 10, only to be let down as I think Windows 10 was not such an improvement. However, I saw the previews that may be Windows 11. I was impressed as it was really different. As this is only a preview version and not the final version of Windows 11, I really like what I am seeing and working with. However, I will only end up using just a fraction of I guess the completed version. But the overall appearance I find I really like. Bryan

Ernie said...

I think I'm still on Windows ME. Or maybe it's Vista, not sure. :(

The was a joke once about how Windows was going to combine three of their then-current operating systems into one superior product that would run on tablets, desktops & servers, all with the same code. So Windows CE combined with Windows ME and Windows NT to become Windows CEMENT! Nothing bad could come from that!

Buster said...

Windows started off a bad Mac OS look-alike. We used Macs and PCs both back then and I stayed on a Mac as long as I could, at least until Windows 95, which was a reasonable operating system.

It's when Microsoft gets "creative" that I get suspicious - like with Vista and Windows 8. It looked to me like Windows 11 would be another attempt to be visionary, but maybe I am wrong.