Thursday, July 15, 2021

July The Fifteenth

Today marks the halfway point of the month, and this is more than halfway through my old Christmas in July collections. Not sure how this is going to end, but planning ahead was never my strong suit. I think this is my favorite cover of all the collections, it's simple but effective. Great shot of some Christmas bulbs in a box on a table of Christmas decorations at the local Salvation Army store. I wasn't even thinking about a cover shot when I took the photo with my cellphone, but I thought about it later when I was looking for a pic, and here it is. The overlay across the bottom was inspired by a reissue series some label was doing a few years ago, it may have been a removable piece of plastic on the actual CDs, but in my version, it's just a transparent white overlay. At the end of the day, it made a great cover and I'm proud of it (unlike that hack job from yesterday...). This collection of Christmas in July tunes from the 2015 season first came out in 2016, which is really quick for me. Do the tunes hang together after all these years? I think so.  Looking through the tracklist, I can remember many of them, so they at least made an impression. Give it a spin, and let me know what you think!

1. The Arthur Lyman Group-Greensleeves
2. Jimmie Davis-Going Home For Christmas
3. Blossom Dearie With Bob Dorough-Baby It's Cold Outside-Live
4. Chet Baker And The Carmel Strings-Christmas Song
5. Johnny Kemp-Christmas Time In Nassau
6. Bob Vernon-Go Tell It On The Mountain
7. The Marshall Family-Children, Go Where I Send Thee
8. Judy Holliday & Gerry Mulligan-It Must Be Christmas
9. The Clark Sisters-I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
10. Duane Eddy-Long Lonely Days Of Winter
11. Turk Murphy-Santa Claus Blues
12. The Anita Kerr Singers-Snowbound
13. 101 Strings-The Sound Of Christmas
14. The Bek Brothers-The Virgin Mary
15. The Airmen Of Note With Nancy Wilson-What Child Is This
16. Leslie Uggams-Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year
17. Chuy Reyes And His Orchestra-Rumba De Fleur
18. Sue Brason-Chanukah (Is Here At Last)
19. The Louis Castellucci Military Band-Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
20. Marlene Dietrich-Der Trommelmann
21. Doris Day-Christmas Story
22. The King Sisters And The Children-Chree-See-Mus
23. Connie Francis-Ave Maria
24. Red Carter-Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
25. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Choir-O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
26. James A. Miller-Little Baby Jesus
27. Les Brown And His Band Of Renown-Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
28. Jimmy Joyce-Department Store Santa Claus
29. Tom Glazer With Jeffrey Alden-Auld Lang Syne Parody



Bryan said...

Hi Ernie, I am still downloading these wonderful collections that you put together. Even though I collected them all last year, at Christmas I think, I found at least the year 2006 was an update this year. Or at least this year's file copy was. I mentioned on Lee's blog I just downloaded the New Windows 11 Preview that I was offered through Windows. I find it really cool and I love it. I have to offer more comments to them as that is the point of getting the Preview. I LOVE the really neat little Zip folder redesign that the mp3 files come it. Can not wait to see what the end of July awaits us from you. Bryan

Ernie said...

Thanks for the comment, and I think it was here you talked to Buster about Windows 11.

The 2006 collection got an update at some point with higher bitrate versions, and a couple of Stereo upgrades as well. I think I later shared out the old version by mistake, though at some point I changed it. I had hoped to go back and remaster some of the other old collections at some point, but I never have. It's a lot of work to find the files and update all the tags and what-not, so I've never done it again.

Buster said...

Windows 11 skeptic here...

That is a nice cover you devised for this collection!

One of the benefits of offering lossless downloads (although your files are more than adequate!) is that you can just archive the version you offer on the site. That means for collections such as these, the source files would be at hand.

Bryan said...

Sorry about my mistake Ernie and Buster. Bryan

Ernie said...

Bryan, nothing to apologize about! :)