Monday, February 01, 2021

75-Sacred & Folky

Wow, it's February! I had no idea that I would make it to February and still be sharing Christmas music. I remember not long after the lockdown began last year, I started downloading and processing stuff from The Internet Archive, just for my own personal collection. Then I started sharing some of what I had done during a short-lived Covid Christmas series. Little did I know what that would lead to. Here we are, more than a month after the season ended for everyone else. I won't say we're going strong, but we're still going!  Today's theme is a selection of religious carols and folky songs about the birth of Jesus, as I was inspired by a recent scoop that seemed to have many songs along the same lines. So if you liked that one, you'll like this one, too. Funny story, I recently realized that I hadn't downloaded any of the Billy Eckstine Christmas songs from the Archive, even though I had been avoiding them thinking that I had. So that's why his music only recently started showing up in the shares. I've tried to go back and look at a bunch of other artists to see if I had inadvertently been skipping their music as well, and came back with a couple of things. Not too many though. Anyhow, glad you're still with me on this Christmas journey, and hope you're enjoying the music!



Buster said...

Good selection! I love looking at the labels, but I am funny that way.

Is that Mabel Mercer item the flip of "Twelve Days of Christmas"? I much prefer "the Cherry Tree."

Ernie said...

Yes, I believe it's the flip side of the same record. It's even longer than the Twelve Days side, so I hope I got a decent bit of music out of the noise.

mlc said...

Have been silent but here for the long haul. I love your site and have been downloading for some time. not days but off and on for years.. Sorry it has taken so long to tell you how great the music is and how much I enjoy it.

Thank you Thank you
Mitzi C

Ernie said...

Mitzi, thanks for piping up and saying something. Always good to hear from a long-time visitor. I appreciate the comment and the dedication. :)