Tuesday, February 02, 2021

76-Scoop Number Fifteen

Time for the fifteenth deep dip of the year, and I've come up with fifteen random selections from the collection.  Well, maybe not entirely random. I've got a  couple of tracks from the same generic budget collection on Golden Music Society, and I don't usually like to duplicate artists in a single collection. But the season is fast drawing to a close and I'm trying to make do with what I've got left. Hope that's OK with you all.  If I'd known the season was going to last this long, I might have tried to plan it out a little better. But it is what it is. As of today, there at 3066 tracks at The Internet Archive's 78 collection tagged Christmas, and I've shared out more than a thousand of them in slightly improved sound. Pretty proud of that, even though it may seem like a small fraction of the tunes available. A lot of the ones I've skipped are major artists with easily purchased tracks, and a lot of duplicate copies of well-known tracks.  So this is a very sizable selection of what they have to offer.  I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.  Good stuff in the pile tonight, give it a listen, and let me know what you think.



Buster said...

That yodeling label is really something. Plus two labels for the immortal Jimmy Boyd!

Raven176 said...

....on to the next pack of blank cds we go.....
I think my next project is going digital.
That'll be a long one.


Pater Nostril said...

Your efforts and sharing are greatly appreciated!

Ernie said...

Buster-When I first started doing this project, I scanned through the searches just looking for unfamiliar labels, that's how I knew I had something good. That yielded the first 200 or so selections that were the really unknown stuff. It was all downhill from there. :)

Raven-You're still burning things to disc? I used to do that, but I couldn't keep up, and I found that the discs I made weren't frequently unreadable. :( I keep everything digital now on multiple external hard drives. Just bought a new one two weeks ago. :) I have to archive all the original versions I downloaded, so there is some serious space needed...

Ernie said...

Oh, and Father Nose, thanks for the comment! Your name reminds me of a Ray Stevens songs you may or may not know. :)

Raven176 said...

I was going to start the digital process when I had to move across the country.
Mailing all my cd's and records was...problematic. And expensive.
But, I wanted to keep my Xmas (and Halloween) stuff on discs. Easier
for my elderly (sorry Ma!) Mom to load up a cd. And boy did she love
this stuff.
I think you have broken me on that this year. ha.