Friday, February 05, 2021

79-Scoop Sweet Sixteen

Well, long story short, this was supposed to be the last official post of the season, but of course I can't stop looking for Christmas music at The Internet Archive every single day. And I found a few things that I could put in there to make it a really long post, then I found a double handful more, so there'll be another post tomorrow that will probably be the end.  Probably. I mean, you never know... But it's getting harder and harder to find stuff, and it's been a while since I've shared something I thought was really great.  So the end is near. But not today!  Today you get a whole mish-mash of things because I cleaned out the folder with every single thing that was left.  Too many duplicate artists for my taste, and even three versions of the same song that I just discovered today, one of which features Billy Holiday on vocals!  There's also some spoken word from the eventual Sir John Geilgud (he hadn't been knighted yet when this record came out), a country weeper, a live track recorded way back in 1939, some generic stuff, organ & chime stuff, two more Nutcracker sides from Larry Clinton (who is credited with inventing the whole let's-make-a-pop-song-from-a-classical-side over at Wikipedia) and even a song from Disney's Beaver Valley. When I go all out, I really go all out! (Oh, and a track from Jerry Fielding, who released a rare but great Christmas albums that's been shared out around these parts.) Lots to enjoy here, so download it and give it a listen.



tanktop said...

Ernie, when you go out, you DO go all out! And we are the rich recipients, thank you so much. And bless you and stay safe and stay in though. Wait... :)

Buster said...

Quite the extensive catch today, big enough to include Jimmy Boyd, Ken Griffin and Larry Welk, and what a supergroup they would have made.

Tomorrow is the end of the season, unless you find something new, is that the situation?

Ernie said...

Tanktop-Staying in is what led to this whole season. I couldn't go anywhere outside, so I just spent my time cruising the bins at The Internet Archive. :)

Buster-Yes, pretty much. I need to finish up some tagging tonight, then it posts tomorrow. And there's probably one non-Christmas post after that, but that's it. Didn't find anything new today, thankfully. :)

Tony said...

I think this is the longest I've hung in for a project like this and I've enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks so much for all of the hard work! Since this year will be much like the last, I'm hoping to start digging through any of your Christmas postings I've missed from years past. As you mentioned that you took the time you had to cruise the IA, I found I had time to go through tons of shares downloaded from all over the place. Hundreds of songs. Then I tackled my iTunes/Music. So many duplicates. Close to 4000 I was able to delete. One of these days I'll sift back through the Christmas songs to see which I really want to keep vs. the ones I may not even know I have! You've done such great work for all of us. Thanks again!!

Unknown said...

I told myself I would not add any more files to my collection and here you go and keep throwing music too good to delete - greatly appreciate the effort and what an amazing effort going on there kind sir. Looking at the ones I kept, well over 400 files that I will cherish for years to come - very nice xmas gift Ernie very much appreciated Mac