Thursday, December 24, 2020

33-Instrumental Christmas 3

I think the more popular posts this season have been my two collections of instrumental Christmas songs collected from The Internet Archive, so here's a third dip into those wonderful wordless tunes that hopefully bring back all the wonderful memories of Christmas, without all the pesky singing. There are a few organ tracks in here, so tread carefully, but there are also some wonderful orchestral pieces and the usual big band stuff. I think I even see a wee little bit of jazz in there, so I'm sure this collection will be a rewarding listen as you finalize your Christmas preparations for the big day tomorrow. As always, I hope you find something to enjoy in this collection!



Anonymous said...

Hi Ernie, Thanks for this third dip into the instrumental material. Again, my favorites. Never can get enough of these versions. Bless you... Bryan

TupeloBrian said...

Been listening to your Christmas 2020 posts for two days. I'm off work and by myself this year. It's getting me through especially since Dad was given six months to live yesterday due to arteriosclerosis and possible colorectal cancer. Dad is 92 and ready to go but I was bummed this year about his declining health before COVID-19 struck. Thanks for your distracting my mind since I can't go see Dad or other relatives.

Raven176 said...

I'm just gonna say thanks Ernie.
I can't possibly follow TupeloBrians post
with anything else.
Sorry TupeloBrian, for what
you're going through. Not easy losing a parent.

petlod said...

Thank you for another batch of instrumentals, Ernie. Best wishes for a lovely Christmas tomorrow.
So sorry TupeloBrian, sending you and your Dad peace-filled wishes as well.

Geordie said...

Thanks for this share, Ernie. I love the instrumentals.

TupeloBrian, it's hard losing a parent. I lost my dad in November of last year, and Christmas just wasn't the same. Regardless, I hope you have a peaceful Christmas this year.

Ernie said...

Thank you all! Hope you're having a merry Christmas Eve!

Brian-Sorry to hear about your father. But treat these six months as a special gift, don't waste them!

Buster said...

Ernie - Thanks once again!

Brian - So sorry to hear about your father. My best wishes to you.