Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Return Of Christmas In July-Day 12

Another day, another great collection of Christmas music.  Here goes...

Track one is an interesting little medley I found on a radio station promo that doesn't seem to exist out there on the internet anywhere.  If you can find anything more about this disc, please let me know.  The track is called The Sound of Christmas, the artist is 101 Strings, the album is called American Holidays on one side and American Holidays And Special Occasions on the other.  No catalog number, either, I'm afraid, it's in mono, and each track is a locked groove so the DJ doesn't embarrass himself if he forgets to stop the record.  Nice track, and I've got a couple more from this disc that I'll share later.  I'm trying to figure out if these tracks are unique to this record, or if they were just retitled and released elsewhere.

Track two is a gospel bluegrass version of Children, Go Where I Send Thee, and it's just just as nice as that description makes it sound.  I found this on an LP from The Marshall Family (their first, apparently) entitled Come Springtime (Rebel SLP-1541, Stereo, 1975).  I don't know anything else about these folks, but this is a nice version.

Track three is a seasonal song called When Winter Comes A'Calling by Peter Todd And His Orchestra from the LP Till We Meet Again (RCA Camden CAL 418, Mono).  Again, I have no idea who this artist is, but I saw the winter song on there and grabbed it.

Track four, which I think is a repeat is from Fred Waring And The Pennsylvanians.  It's Hanover Winter Song from the LP Alma Mater Memories (Capitol ST1949, Stereo, 1963).  Good stuff.

Lastly, a rerun that I think is showing up for the third time around here, but I can't pass it up when I see a copy.  Blue Christmas (not the song you're thinking of) by The Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra Conducted By Mitchell Powell from the soundtrack LP The Apartment (United Artists UAS 6105, Stereo, 1960).  I like it, I hope you do, too.

There you go, five more selections for you.  Here's the download link, enjoy!


Buster said...

Thanks, Ernie - much unusual stuff this year. I like the variety!

David Federman said...

These are great shares. Thank you. I've been foraging for winter-themed songs from the 1920s and the 1930s. There are many awaiting discovery, which I would love to share with you via WeTransfer. Send an email and I will send a link. Your Christmas archives are about to swell.

Puckwheat said...

Ernie I found THIS while searching...slightly different title, but The Sound Of Christmas is on Side 2...still looking for more info!

Ernie said...

Hmmm, that certainly looks like it, there's just a longer version of Birthday With Strings added on my radio station copy, for a total of 13 tracks. Thanks for digging that up!