Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ski 4

You knew I was building to something, right?  Why else would I post 1, 2, 3 old shares that didn't have much to do with Christmas right in the middle of the Christmas Sharity season?  Anyhow, I'm building to this little gem of an album, featuring famous people that you know but have never heard of.  The Wegeman Brothers were Olympic skiers from a skiing family, though they do not appear to have ever brought home the gold.  More to the point, Keith Wegeman (don't ask me which one he is in the cover picture, 'cause I'm not sure) performed as the Jolly Green Giant in early TV commercials!  I don't think it was him going Ho, Ho, Ho (sound like anyone you know?), but it was him you saw in the background, all green with envy, err, I mean chlorophyll.  So there you have it.  This is really a pretty good LP, I think you'll enjoy it.  It's got a couple of Christmas tracks on there, and they're more than worthy of your time.  So get busy and download Gentlemen Skiers-Ski Songs By The Wegeman Brothers (Raynote RN5008, Mono, 1959).  Oh, the 'orchestra', such as it is, is credited to Ray Whitaker, and there's a guitar credit to Billy Strange.

1. Winter Wonderland
2. Two Boards
3. Wacky Waxer
4. Oola
5. Here's To The Skier
6. Sven
7. Skiers Medley
8. Skiers Lament
9. Under The Take-Off
10. Sun Valley
11. Winter Song
12. Ski Heil



Jay Peterson said...

The Wegeman Brothers were gorgeous...would have been nice to hang around the Ski Lodge with the three of them... ;)
Sorry, I'm being naughty not nice...

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, the Jolly Green Giant is the middle one.

Ernie said...

How do you know? I was hoping one of the brothers might stop by if they're still around...

Sally June said...

The album that asks and answers the muscial question: Why do gentlemen ski? (I always did want to know.)

3-Pin said...

Hello Ernie - I am assembling some ski songs for a ski trip gathering and would love to get a copy of the Wegeman Brothers album. The Mediafire links for this album and your other four posts have all expired. Would it be possible to reshare those links with me? My email address is linked into my name. Thank you very much.

Megan D said...

Darned if the link don't work. I would have loved to have heard their dulcet tones...