Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ski 1

Perhaps it's time I brought back a few of these old ski-related albums. Not much Christmas-related stuff on this one, but some of them do have some holiday stuff on there.  And I don't think too many people would complain if you dropped a track about snow into your holiday mix.  This one dates back to 2006 here on the blog, I used to share it out the day before Thanksgiving, just as a lead-in to the big holiday sharity shindig.  If you missed it back then, then please help yourself to Six Family Mountain-Takin' A Ride With The Wind (National Ski Patrol NSP-1001, Stereo).

1. Takin' A Ride With The Wind
2. Snowbird
3. A Reason For Winter
4. Wrong Mountain Blues
5. Let It Shine
6. A Nice Place To Live
7. Chumley's Bus
8. Nobody In The Canyon
9. Country Mountain Shakedown
10. Vanishing Skyline


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