Sunday, December 26, 2010

From Cuba To Puerto Rico

From Cuba we move a couple islands over to Puerto Rico, and more Christmas music that I'm afraid I don't recognize.  Nice album cover though.  Perhaps you'll enjoy Cantares De Navidad (Gay Songs For Christmas) (Marvela-Puerto Rico Record Mfg. Co.  MVLP-48, Mono).  I think this one is much newer than those two Cuban records.  I think the liner notes mentioned stereo releases, so that alone makes it more recent in origin, at least by a few years.

1. Cantares De Navidad-Trio Vegabajeño
2. Vispera De Reyes-Duo Irizarry De Córdeva
3. Cada Navidad-Felipe Rodriguez
4. Los Tres Reyes Magos-Trio Vegabajeño
5. En Esta Navidad-Gloria Y Domy
6. Nuestra Navidad-Johnny Rodriguez
7. Los Reyes No Llegaron-Felipe Rodriguez
8. Noche De Paz-Trio Vegabajeño
9. Lamento De Navidad-Felipe Rodriguez
10. De Tierras Lejanas-Toñin Romero
11. Las Campanas De Navidad-Johnny Rodriguez Y Su Trio
12. A La Zarandela-Conjunto Cibaeño



Yule Elf #1225 said...

*~* Thanks man! *~*

Felix Rodriguez said...

IF I recall correctly, the original release was either in the late fifties, or early '60s. I don't think that the the jacket cover and notes changed at all through the years. IT was the best selling record for PR Record & Mfg. Corp.

My father (founder and pres. of PR Record & Mfg. Corp) used to joke that that's the record that paid for my education. It is still available, now in CD, under the "Disco Hit" label

Felix Rodriguez said...

Another note - the disc label shows a later (late '60s - early '70s) logo, not the original more classical "MARVELA" logo.