Saturday, July 03, 2010

Christmas In July-The Third Day

Gotta get tonight's shares up pretty quick here.  The skies have cleared and I think we might actually get to see some fireworks tonight.  I missed them last night due to the poor weather, and it's predicted to rain again tomorrow.  Tonight may be my only chance to get some pictures.  So let's see what's in the share tonight.  We begin with organist Al Bollington performing Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy from Presenting Al Bollington At The Conn Organ (Decca DL 4223, Mono, 1962).  From there we move to another old classic chestnut, Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers by Irving Fields And His Trio.  This one comes from Irving Fields Favorites (King 703, Mono, 1961).  Next up is The Swiss Bell Ringers doing a song called Carol Of The Bells, but which doesn't sound anything like Carol Of The Bells.  Odd.  I grabbed this one from Folk Songs Of The Alps (Tradition (Everest) TR 2081, Stereo, 1968).  You'll hear a couple more tracks from this one later on, but by a different artist.  Fourth up is a bit of a ringer.  It's Teresa Brewer doing Jingle Bell Rock from The Best Of Teresa Brewer On Coral Records (Coral 2xLP CXB 7, Mono, 1965).  I say it's a ringer because I'm pretty sure they pulled this from Teresa's Christmas LP, which, unfortunately, I don't own.  Lastly tonight, I give you Ding, Dong Merrily On High by The Bellwethers from The Bells Of Crystal Cathedral (The I.T. Verdin Company/UA Recording UAS-989-9297, Stereo).  This little gem appears to be a compilation of tracks from various handbell and carillon recordings all linked to Robert Schuller and his Crystal Cathedral.  I.T. Verdin is a manufacturer of handbells, and this seems to have involved them in some capacity.  But you don't care about all that, you just want some Christmas music in July.  Here's the download link, if I can get Rapidshare to co-operate.  I've uploaded this thing twice and it's still not showing it.  I'll try it again here in a sec.  See you tomorrow!


Buster said...

Nice and sunny here in sunny Ohio, dude.

Happy 4th!

Ernie said...

Not so sunny here. They started the fireworks before it even got fully dark, maybe 20 minutes before they were scheduled to start. That worried me. They got them off OK, but before I could get halfway back to my car, the heaven's opened and the rains came. Luckily, I had a trash bag to wrap around my camera, but I was soaking wet by the time I got to the car. And now, I can't make my card reader work to look at my pictures. *sigh*

Buster said...

Sorry Ern - maybe it'll work tomorrow.