Friday, July 02, 2010

Christmas In July-The Second Day

Day two, and I've got a special little local treat for you.  One day last year I drove over to the East coast of Florida to see a shuttle launch.  Unfortunately, the launch got scrubbed, but I decided to hang out and hit some thrift stores on the space coast.  That's when I turned up this record, Voices Of Space By The Kennedy Space Center Chorus, Directed By Arthur C. Benington (Century Records 32909, Stereo).  There's mention in the liner notes of the groups formation in 1966, but no mention is made of the moon landing, so I'm pegging this somewhere between '67 and '69.  Track one, side one is a long medley narrated by Bill Larson, and it begins with a clip from Gemini 6 astronaut Walter Shirra.  I've cut it into eight individual tracks, but it's one long track on the record.  I think you'll really enjoy this one.  There's one song in the medley that isn't really Christmas, No Man Is An Island, but that's made up for by a good track that I'd never heard before, We Can't Go Wrong.  The label and sleeve are both devoid of further info on that song, so I'm a little clueless about it.  Give it a listen, maybe you can tell me more about it.  Here's the download link, have a ball.  See you tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Ernie, we can always count on you to find something really cool. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Chris in Cary