Sunday, July 04, 2010

Note To Self

Do not start installing that fancy programmable thermostat you bought at Lowe's today after midnight.  You'll forget to turn off the main power when you disconnect the old thermostat, short out the blue wire, and you'll fiddle with the new one (which won't work) until two in the morning as your condo gets steadily hotter.  Then when you give up and put the old one back in, it won't work either.  You'll have to tear apart the air handler after moving a five foot high stack of records.  Inside there you'll find what appears to be a car fuse that looks blown.  Your car doesn't use those types of fuses, but it uses something close, and it has some spares, but not in the right amperage, but close.  Plugging in the incorrect type of the wrong size fuse seems to work, thank goodness, because it's late, and you'll want to go to sleep, but only with cold air blowing on you.  Oh, and the air handler can be working just fine, but it won't blow cool air if you don't put the front cover back on it.  Confound it, I still have to install the new thermostat...


Badgercat said...

Good morning Ernie. What a night/morning!!! Fireworks here on the Mississippi river last night were great. Here's to the weather holding up for the festivities again tonight - and where you are.

I hope the condo is still standing by the time you wake up!

Buster said...

My rulea:

1. Never start home improvement projects after midnight.

2. Never start home improvement projects before midnight.