Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Other Sculpture

Just down the way from the Three Servicemen sculpture I just shared is this sculpture dedicated to the women who served in Vietnam. It's called the Vietnam Women's Memorial, and was sculpted by Glenna Goodacre (she sculpted Sacagawea on the gold dollars!). This one doesn't seem to get the attention given to either the Wall or to the other sculpture, but it's still a moving piece of art that serves as a fitting tribute to the unsung women who served in Vietnam. Did you know there are eight women listed on the Wall? Neither did I, but I learn things like that while researching my posts. That's why everybody should have a blog, it's a learning experience.


Lee Hartsfeld said...

Very powerful, that. Too bad it doesn't get more notice.

Thanks for the photo.

Jeni Friend said...

thanks, I learn a lot just from reading your blog. I think I might be getting addicted to it.