Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Art Meets Nature

Here's another interesting artwork I spotted outside the Hirshhorn Gallery in Washington, DC. This piece consists of two bronze wings and a central pillar made up of a piece of petrified wood. The two wings feature cutouts of letters, Cyrillic on one side and Latin on the other.

Hmmm. A little research on the good old World Wide Web, and I discover this piece is called Antipodes, and the sculptor is James Sanborn. It also appear that there is some secret message hidden in the lettering. Good luck with that.

But the part I almost missed, and thought was perhaps the most interesting, was this birds nest perched atop the structure. No, it's not part of the artwork, that was a real dove in a real nest, who was keeping a very wary eye on me as I shot pictures. I guess it turns out that birds can be art lovers, too.

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