Monday, May 25, 2009

Lee's House

At the very top of the hill near the center of Arlington sits the home of General Robert E. Lee of the Confederate States of America. That may seem odd to some, but it's just the way some things happen. Lee was only the custodian of the house for his wife's family, who had built the house as a tribute to George Washington. It was seized during the Civil War, and returned to the family some years later thanks to a Supreme Court decision. The US government later bought it from the family.

After the house was first seized, parts of the property were turned into a cemetery to prevent the previous owners from ever wanting to return. It didn't work as planned, but that was the genesis of what is now a National cemetery.

Unlike the stately columns of most homes like this, these are not white, but instead a banded beige color. I like it.

The home sits on a hill with a commanding view of DC. Those people in the foreground are viewing the grave of JFK, the first short road is the entrance to Arlington. Further out is the bridge over the Potomac, leading to the Lincoln Memorial.

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uncreative said...

too bad we were so clueless while walking around the backside of the lincoln memorial ...... coulda taken pics of lee's house!!