Monday, March 23, 2009

Little Green Birdies

Well, I tried for a couple of hours last night to post some content to the old blog, but Picassa just wouldn't cooperate. She seems to be a little more agreeable tonight, so let me see how much of my weekend I can share with you before she conks out again. I had stopped in front of the public library on Fruitville Saturday morning to take some pictures of a giant book (which you may or may not see later) when I heard the incessant chatter of quaker parrots. I'm always hearing these guys, but they're difficult to see and even harder to shoot because of their green coloration and rather reclusive behavior. So I got really lucky when I caught this pair working on a new nest. You can see both of them above, checking out the interior, and just one of them below, weaving some new sticks onto the outside. And all the way at the bottom is one of the pair just hanging out, waiting for just the right time to take off on a new stick gathering mission. These guys are not native here, but there are dozens if not hundreds of wild flocks around here, eating all sorts of natural foods and making tons of noise. But it's pretty neat to have wild parrots flying around, noisy or not!


Anonymous said...

was the nest hard to spot? what kind of tree is it in and how far away were you? i think that is just the coolest thing mom

Ernie said...

Yes, they're pretty hard to spot. But not too hard to hear. This one was in a palm tree, but they turn up just about anywhere. I read that this is the only species of parrot that builds a nest. Don't know if that's true or not, but there you have it.