Monday, March 23, 2009


Yes, it's an emu. A large flightless bird, only slightly smaller than an ostrich. Caught this guy at Big Cat Habitat this weekend. He looks a little unkempt and/or mean, but he was a nice guy, eating corn from the hands of little kids. I think he's giving me the eyeball because I didn't feed him anything.


Buster said...

The bird rather resembles the late Sen. Everett McKinley Dirksen -{B7DD2EDD-F4FC-4A6C-9BB0-AF4C9794E837}

You are too young to remember, but perhaps you have come across his recording of Gallant Men - Dirksen's recording, that is, not the emu's.

Ernie said...

Well, now, I do have the Senator's album, but not the emu's.

Anonymous said...

looks to me like he/she was having a bad hair day. mom