Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Christmas In July 2008-Day 15

Day 15, almost halfway through Christmas in July. Today just happens to be Victor Herbert Day. I didn't know it either until I was looking to see what I could share tonight, and I noticed a group of Victor Herbert tracks, all ready to go, just waiting to be grouped together and shared. So here we go!

Track one is Toyland (Babes In Toyland) as performed by The Roger Wagner Chorale on their album Victor Herbert On Stage (Capitol ST1707). Pretty much every LP out there that says something about Victor Herbert on the cover will have either this track or our other big share today, March Of The Toys. And both tracks come from the Victor Herbert play, Babes In Toyland.

Track two is a medley of the two tracks in today's share, Toyland-March Of The Toys, and it's by David Teig. You heard another track from this LP, Children's Introduction To A World Of Good Music (Valiant V-4903), yesterday. It's a great piece for teaching kids the power of the orchestra, I guess.

Track three is the great Vaughn Monroe And His Orchestra singing Toyland from the LP Dance With Me (RCA Camden CAL 329). It may not be Let It Snow, but it's still a good song from Mr. Monroe.

Track four is yet another great selection from Ballet With A Beat (Mercury Perfect Presence Sound Series PPS 6017, 1961), March Of The Toys, by Hal Mooney And His Orchestra. Same as the tracks yesterday from this album, this is probably my favorite of the day.

Tracks five and six are, of course, Toyland and March Of The Toys, both by Charles Rand and both from the album The Music Of Victor Herbert (Coronet CXS-127). These are from a really cheap label LP, so the surface noise is terrible. I apologize in advance for this if it hurts your ears too much.

There you have it, six Victor Herbert tracks for the price of none. Here's the download link, but be sure you've put all your toys away before you go get it. As always, you can go to this day back in 2006 or 2007 for more great Christmas in July tracks.


Inkydog said...

Victor-y is ours!


Ernie said...

Aaaaiiigggghhhhh! Stop it! You're hurting my head. I'm the only one who gets to make bad puns around here!

(I tried to figure out a way to make a reference here to that ST:TOS episode where all the un-hip folks are called Herbert, but I couldn't tie it in. Oh, well...)