Friday, July 18, 2008

Moon Over Sarasota

Guess what came up tonight like clockwork? Yep, that's right, the full moon. Well, actually, it's just past full moon, but it's close enough for the sake of argument. I've got a couple of different shots to share with you because I wanted to see what the new camera and new lens could do. The shot below is through a 300mm EF lens (film eqivalent of about 485mm) with IS. The IS means image stabilization. (It's got little gyroscopes inside the lens that keep the image stable in case your hands are shaking a bit.) The shot above is through my old 400mm film lens, with an additional 1.5X teleconverter thrown into the mix. Doing the math, including the film-to-digital frame conversion, means this one is about 945, so almost twice the magnification of the other one. So you should be able to see more detail in the shot above, and that's visible if I switch back and forth rapidly between the two pictures. (They're also slightly rotated with respect to one another, so don't let that throw you. I adjusted most of it out, but not all.) Both pictures are from my 12MP Canon Digital Rebel XSi which I have had for just under two months now. Gotta love it. I also tweaked the pictures a bit in PhotoShop to make them close to the same size, and I compressed the B&W levels to increase the range in the surface textures. Or, if you prefer, I tweaked it so I thought it looked better. Now run outside and see if it really looks like this.

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