Friday, July 18, 2008

Not So Noble

Can I just take a second here to be fanboy and tell you how much I hate Donna Noble, the Doctor's latest companion on Dr. Who? She's always whining about something. What's up with that? What's her name in real life? Catherine Tate? Isn't she some sort of comedian? I don't think she's very funny. The best episode so far this season was last week, and that was because she was only in it for a few seconds at the beginning and the end. I'm actually hoping that she goes away tonight, since it's an episode where Rose Tyler returns. We'll see. It's on right now, in fact, I hope my TiVo is getting it.

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Anonymous said...

... .... the rose tyler actress is also in a little show called "secret diary of a callgirl" ... it is a sexy show and man is she HOT! LOL