Thursday, May 17, 2007

Oodles Of Doodles CCXXXV

Here's a doodle for you from really late in the game. In case you don't recognize them, this is Ferrante & Teicher from The ABC Collection (ABC AC-30013, 1976). This doodle actually appears on the inner sleeve, but it's visible through the die-cut outer jacket. Sort of an interesting cubist take on the piano duo here. I couldn't read the signature, but the liner notes credit the illustration to John Casado from Casado Design, Ltd. I've featured a doodle from F&T before, and I can only remember one other doodle from the seventies. (Nope, I was wrong. Two, errr, three...) By this time, it was cheap enough to print full-color sleeves, mostly illustrated with pictures, so the ultra-cheap-to-print doodles had gone the way of the 78.

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Bill S. said...

It looks a little like some of David Hockney's cubist experiments in lithography. Thanks for the artwork!