Monday, May 14, 2007

Harp Interlude

Those of you who enjoyed the Hi-Fi Living series will want to download this one just for the memories of those harp interludes, the rest of you need to download it for other, more esoteric reasons. There are parts of this album that sound like your typical late fifties mood music, and there are other parts of this that just don't sound like what you expect when you see the harp on the cover. You've heard Gene Bianco here on the blog before doing Christmas tunes, but this experiment in harpistry precedes that experience by a few years. Note the credit for Mundell Lowe as a supporting player. (Remind me when Christmas rolls around that I have something from Mr. Lowe to share.) Other contributors that are less well credited include Joe Venuto (from the Sauter-Finegan Orchestra!), Don Lamond (From Woody Herman's Herd) and Wendell Marshall (Duke Ellington sideman). How can you go wrong with a group like that? So have I got you interested yet? Be my guest and download Gene Bianco And His Group Featuring Mundell Lowe-Harp, Skip & Jump (RCA Camden CAL-452, 1958). You'll be glad you did.


mel said...

Yes, Ernie, I'm glad I did. It's as you described, and very much my bag.

It reminds me of a similar LP - Be There At Five by Glenn Osser - for details see

Glenn Osser – Be There At Five

which was actually better than this one. I've been hunting it for years. If you ever come across it, pounce on it!sqk

Thanks and regards.

Ernie said...

I'll keep an eye out for it. I tend to grab those older Mercury LPs like that when I see them, so I should check the archives forst. It doesn't look familiar, thought.

I've still got one more Bianco LP to record and share out, this one a year ealier than the first. I haven't listened to it yet, but I have to assume it's more of the same.