Monday, April 23, 2007

Sun-N-Fun 2007-Part 5

Dad just called and wanted to tell me about the only plane he saw from the airshow. He and Mom live up north of Lakeland, far enough from the airport that they don't get too many of the planes circling around, yet they lie under the flight path for many of the planes coming and going to the airport. He said he heard something big coming Saturday afternoon, and he had to run outside to see what it was that made all that noise. Turned out to be the B2, also known as the stealth bomber. I'm not sure how he heard it, since when I saw it and took these pictures just a few minutes earlier, it was pretty quiet. It's a very distinct plane, looking like nothing else in the sky. Well, maybe a little like the stealth fighter, but that's much, much smaller. These planes fly all of their missions from a single base in Missouri, relying on in-flight refueling to get them where they need to go, often flying missions lasting more than 24 hours. I believe this plane was called the Spirit Of Arizona, but I could be remembering that wrong...

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