Sunday, April 22, 2007

Burned Out

OK, I'm back from three days at the Sun-N-Fun Fly-In up in Lakeland, Florida. I don't think I'll ever got to an airshow three days in a row ever again. I am worn out! I ache from the top of my sunburned head to the bottom of my worn-out feet. I tried to keep the sun block on, but I guess I didn't do a good enough job. And much of the area at the airshow isn't paved, so I spent my time on bare grass and occasional spots of bare dirt. So there was lots of dust in the air, and that tended to stick to the sun block. I was almost muddy by the time I got back to the car each day. And being on your feet for 10 hours isn't easy either. But enough complaining. Did I get some good pictures? You bet! Every day they had a bunch of warbirds fly by. Every day they would set off explosions on the ground to simulate bombing runs by those warbirds. And every day I would miss the explosion because I was focused on the plane. Until the last day. I guess there is an advantage to going so many days in a row.

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