Monday, April 23, 2007

Sun-N-Fun 2007-Part 2

OK, it's time for me to start putting up some of the pictures I shot during my three days at the Sun-N-Fun Fly-In in Lakeland, Florida, this past weekend. I took thousands and thousands of pictures, and maybe got ten good ones. Well, OK, more than that, but I have to shoot a lot of pictures in order to get some that I like. One of the special presentations this year was a flyover by a B1 bomber. This guy made two passes on Friday, then disappeared. I guess there were some insurgents in Afghanistan or something that needed his attention. I snapped this just after he poured the fuel to the afterburners, so you get a little bit of flame coming out of the engines there behind the plane.

Note-I didn't number my first post of pictures from this airshow, but you can find it here.

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